Artificial Sweeteners Aren't So Sweet For Your Body

By: John Whitcomb, MD| Monday, November 10, 2014 | 10:07 AM
Alright, you are a little overweight and want to slim down a touch. Instead of fully sugared soda, you decide to get just the zero calorie one instead, sweetened with an artificial sweetener. The general consensus is that you by drinking the zero calorie, artificially sweetened soda you won’t gain any weight. This actually is not true.
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Clinical Application of Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) Protocols for Men 1 Day In-clinic Preceptorship with renowned BHRT specialist Dr. Erika Schwartz
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Menopause Explained

By: Dr. Erika Schwarz MD| Friday, October 31, 2014 | 03:06 PM
When you entered puberty three to four decades ago, your sex hormones — estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone — woke up. You got your period after your breasts started growing, your pubic and armpit hair grew, and you turned into a woman, at least physically. Your sex drive woke up and with it the desire to not just have sex, but also to bear and raise children. It’s our mandate, and without hormones and youth, we cannot do it.
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